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Roulette is a game that uses a spinning wheel and a rolling ball. The gamblers are first requested to bet on a number or a color on the wheel. The options that are given to a gambler are limited like a number has to be within 36 and the color can be either red or black. The roulette is a small spinning wheel that is small in size and allows a ball to roll on its top. The game might be on this wheel but the decision or result is given by the ball that rolls on top of it. It is the placement of this ball that decides the victory or loss of a gambler. There are no specific requirements for this game and this is a game of money even for the beginners for there is nothing special to be learned about this game and hence can be taken up by any gambler. The only advantage for an experienced gambler is that if he has been playing this for a long time, he would be in a position to judge the fall and roll of the ball on a particular number. Apart from this, there is nothing special about this game. Every roulette table or wheel is manned by a dealer who conducts the game. It is him or her who spins the wheel after taking the bets from the gamblers. There is no restriction on the number of gamblers here for any number of people can play in this wheel. It is a very short and interesting game that is sure to elate every player and moreover, everybody gets to enjoy at least profits 2 out of 4 times. So if you are new to a casino, try testing your luck by starting your adventure with this game for it might give you the required boost to continue playing with the others